Tokyo, officially the Tokyo Metropolis, is the capital and most populous prefecture of Japan. Located at the head of Tokyo Bay, the prefecture forms part of the Kantō region on the central Pacific coast of Japan's main island of Honshu. Tokyo is the political and economic center of the country, as well as the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the national government. As of 2021, the prefecture has an estimated population of 13,960,236. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world, with more than 37.393 million residents as of 2020.

Copenhagen to Tokyo Route Map Info

What is airport name from Copenhagen?

The airport name in Copenhagen is Copenhagen Kastrup Airport.

What is airport name to Tokyo?

The airport name in Tokyo is Narita International Airport.

What is a good fare ticket price from CPH to NRT?

A good fare between Copenhagen to Tokyo is under $650.

What is the cheapest fare ticket price from Copenhagen to Tokyo?

The cheapest fare we found on this route, Copenhagen to Tokyo is 641.

What is the distance in miles from Copenhagen to Tokyo?

The air miles between these two cities, Copenhagen to Tokyo is 5413 miles.

Do I need a passport to fly between Copenhagen to Tokyo?

You do not need to a passport to fly between these cities.

Can I fly non stop between Copenhagen to Tokyo?

Yes you can fly non stop between Copenhagen to Tokyo.