About Cheep

Cheep, a Cheap Flight Tracker Tool

Cheep started in early in 2020 as a side project to learn Swift iOS development. Together, the interest of learning Swift and the joy of frugal traveling, Cheep was born.

The mission of Cheep became apparent that the goal was to help people and families in the U.S. to explore their own backyard.

Cheep scours over 120,000 routes a week for fare deals that a family could save hundreds of dollars on for a quick getaway.

About Jon Chum, Founder and Chief

In 2009, Jon was introduced to travel hacking by a friend that scored him a business class flight via Air Canada’s website from San Francisco to Bangkok for under $600. He leveraged hacks to create a round-the-world ticket from San Francisco – New York – San Francisco – Bangkok – San Francisco all in business class.

From that point, he was hooked on traveling on a shoestring budget.

Today, Jon wanted to take what he learned about finding cheap fares and automated the process so other people can fly without breaking the bank.

How Cheep Works

Cheep works behind the scenes, 24 hours, 7 days a week exploring over 120,000 routes across the U.S. departing from over 100 major, metropolitan airports that serves over 1 million travelers a year.

Unlike fare alert services, the cheapest fare available does not mean you should book it.

Jon’s experience of flight hacking deep discounted, cheap fares had to pass a specific set of tests. These indicators includes cost per mile, time in air, fare class, and layovers, and more. At the bare minimum, any fare published on Cheep must be below 6 cents per mile.

Each indicator are weighed and a fare can be categorized further to good, fantastic, and hot fares.

  • < 6 CPM is considered a good fare
  • < 5 CPM is considered a fantastic fare
  • < 4 CPM is considered a hot fare

Cheep also scouts for price mistake fares.

Cheep’s automated and scalable system means it can find more discounted and mistake fares than anyone else in the space.

It removes the human editor of reviewing a fare alert, write a piece, and then send out the email. A cheap fare can disappear within an hour of discovery.