The 50 Best Things To Do In Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands in 2021

Municipal Market

This large and bustling market hall offers local farm products, handicrafts, souvenirs and a variety of fish and food products.


Fast and confortable ferrys crossing between Tahiti and Moorea. Operating 7 days a week, from 05:00am to 05:30pm.


The Terevau is a high speed catamaran that runs between Tahiti and Moorea. It takes you from one side to the other one within 30 mn dock to dock, since 2012. It offers 360 comfortable seats and can board 8 vehicles, has air conditionned halls and a fully furnished snack bar.

Paofai Gardens

Musee de la perle et Bijouterie

The Robert WAN Pearl Museum provides a comprehensive guide to the history and legends of pearls, crossing different cultures and civilizations. Visitors to the museum learn how the pearls are grafted and can see a collection of the world’s most beautiful cultured gems. A highlight of the collection is the largest round Tahitian cultured pearl in existence: a 22mm round Tahitian Silver (grey) of AAA quality, weighing 8.7 grams. Fittings, this pearl is called the “Robert WAN”. The Robert Wan Pearl Museum is a must do activity of the island of Tahiti. It confides to its visitors not only all the Cultured Pearl’s secrets and its History, but also all the tools and trust to choose their pearls. Only Museum dedicated to the Pearl, the Robert Wan Pearl Museum provides numerous illustrations and explanations that are as adapted for amateurs as for experienced people. Robert Wan reveals all the secrets of conception of the Tahitian Cultured Pearls and discloses its symbol over the centuries.

Arahoho Blowhole

Notre Dame Cathedral

Temple Protestant de Paofai

Manua Exquisite Tahitian Art

Our Gallery features stunning and unique art pieces gathered from the most talented artists of French Polynesia by Raimana POROI, passionated collector. An amazing collection reflecting Tahiti and her Islands’ rich diversity of styles.

Bougainville Park


HANDMADE JEWELS IN OUR OWN WORKSHOP. You can also choose your pearl, select your setting and treasure your creation. TAX FREE JOYERIA ARTESANAL SCHMUCK HANDOMEIDO

Assemblee De La Polynesie Francaise

Ganesha Art du Pacifique

Tomb of King Pomare V

Memorial Site for Nuclear Testings.

Memorial Site for Nuclear Testings. Between 1966 and 1996, France detonated 193 atomic bombs on Moruroa and Fangataufa Atolls. Thousands of former test-site workers and the peoples of the Pacific live with the memory of these weapons, which today still continue to affect their health and the environment.

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